Meet Susi Galloway, Redesigner of Schmidt Family Shield

Sarah Schmidt family crest submissionIn December, the Schmidt Family voted online to choose our official family crest. The winner was the beautiful “Generations Journey Together” design by Sarah Schmidt of Minnesota.

The family then hired a professional heraldic artist to take the winning family shield design and digitally redesign it to polish it up and conform it to heraldic traditions.

After the redesign is complete, the Schmidt Family Crest will be submitted and registered with a Germanic heraldry society, thereby becoming our family’s official family crest, something the Schmidts have never had.

So, who is Susi Galloway, the artist in whose capable hands our Schmidt Family Coat Of Arms lies?

Susi Galloway

Susi Galloway-Newell, S.H.A, was born and raised in Switzerland. Susi acquired her skills as a Heraldic Artist during 4 years of formal study and training under the tutelage of a Heraldic Master. During that time, she was a member of the Swiss Heraldic & Genealogical Societies. Later she relocated abroad and expanded her artistic horizons into fine art, illustrations and design. Currently Susi is a member of the International Society of Heraldic Arts and resides in Idaho, USA. Heraldry has remained one of her passions and artistic specialties. With many years of professional experience, she has designed and painted countless coats of arms and family trees for individuals, fraternities, businesses, nobility and churches throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Susi’s work as Heraldic Artist covers the designing and painting of intricate coat of arms, shields, family trees, monograms and calligraphy. She provides traditionally painted coats of arms, as well as digitally designed coats of arms in more contemporary styles. Susi is available for commissions.

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