See Your Official Schmidt Family Crest

Behold our official Schmidt Family Crest!   Designed by cousin Sarah Schmidt, chosen by a popular vote of Schmidt family members, and polished up by professional heraldry artist Susi Galloway to abide by heraldic standards, this beautiful design now serves as YOUR own official coat of arms.   You will be able to see your […]

Susi Galloway

Meet Susi Galloway, Redesigner of Schmidt Family Shield

In December, the Schmidt Family voted online to choose our official family crest. The winner was the beautiful “Generations Journey Together” design by Sarah Schmidt of Minnesota. The family then hired a professional heraldic artist to take the winning family shield design and digitally redesign it to polish it up and conform it to heraldic […]

The Winner of the Family Crest Design Contest is…

Happy New Year, Schmidts! With 210 days to go until our record-breaking family reunion, we would like to present our winning Schmidt Family Crest! For the last several centuries, wealthy European families received official family crests from the authorities for noble deeds, academic achievement, or exceptional service to one’s ruler. Our Schmidt ancestors were humble, […]