Submission #2 – Jordyn Schmidt – Family Crest Design Contest

Wow! Check out this amazing submission by cousin Jordyn Schmidt to the Schmidt Family Crest Design Contest!

Jordyn Schmidt Family Crest submission

Designer: Jordyn Schmidt
The family crest is divided into 4 quadrants which represents different aspects of the Schmidt family. The upper left quadrant symbolizes all of our hard work. Our ancestors and some of us today have high labor intensive jobs. Many of the jobs included, tar haulers, shoemakers, miners, farmers, house painters, tailors, soldiers, church elders, church office administrators, mayors, metal smiths and many more. I wanted to represent this because our family is known for being hard working. The hammer, wrench, and cross represents the working class all together and includes some of the jobs the Schmidts had when first established.
The upper right quadrant represents where our roots originated which is in Machtlos, Germany.
The lower left quadrant follows with the American flag which represents the long and successful move to the United states where our family succeeds to grow and develop. Many of us live in the mid west however, we are dispersed through out all of the united states where we are given the highest opportunity to work and prosper. The last lower quadrant is a plentiful field of wheat. Many of our ancestors lived off the land and today many are still farming and growing crops. The field represents growth and development. The “S” in the middle of the logo ties us all together. Despite the busy and interesting lives we all live, The “S” is something we all have in common. The letter touches each quadrant and brings our background, ancestors, hometowns, hard work, skills, and passion together. The crest is surrounded by bay leafs which is a sign of peace and stillness. A symbol of victory and glory, especially after one long, inner struggle. This represents the Schmidt family because despite the struggles we and our ancestors faced, it doesn’t shake us. Instead our struggles make us stronger. Lastly, our family crest is topped off with a crow which represents permanent settlement and a quiet life. Together we are one and our lives changed from the immigration and continuation of our loving family. Although many of us established permanence in our current home towns, we still thrive and develop today while remembering our ancestral roots originating in Machtlos Germany

Jordyn is the daughter of Jeff Schmidt, granddaughter of Jack Schmidt, great granddaughter of Chris Schmidt, 2xgreat granddaughter of Henry Schmidt Sr., 3xgreat granddaughter of Conrad Schmidt, 4xgreat granddaughter of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 5xgreat granddaughter of Johann Friedrich Schmidt, 6xgreat granddaughter of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 7xgreat granddaughter of Johannes Schmidt Sr., and 8xgreat granddaughter of Hans Heinrich Schmidt.

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