The Schafers of West Bend, Iowa

Lizzie Schmidt Schafer with children in West Bend Iowa

Elizabeth Marie “Lizzie” (Schmidt) Schafer, with 10 of her children, in West Bend, Iowa. Not pictured are William Schafer (who lived in California), Frances Schafer (who died in infancy), and Benjamin Schafer (who was killed in combat in WW2). Lizzie was the daughter of Karl and Maggie (Lindemann) Schmidt of Machtlos.

(Left to right) Donald Fredrick Schafer (1930-2005); Ernest Elmer “Ernie” Schafer (1921-1998); Leona Mae “Oney” (Schafer) Ellison Alderson (1929-Present); Otto Edward Schafer (1919-1979); Betty Marie (Schafer) Murphy (1927-2007); Elizabeth Marie “Lizzie” (Schmidt) Schafer (1889-1973); Robert Otto Schafer (1917-1983); Wilma Rose (Schafer) Morey (1925-1997); Louis Fredrich “Louie” Schafer (1911-1990); Eleanor M. (Schafer) Maberry Schriber (1924-2011); Carl Gottlieb Schafer II (1910-2007).

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