Country School in Garfield Township, Kossuth County, Iowa circa 1912

Garfield Center country school photo, Garfield Township, Kossuth County, Iowa

This photo is from circa 1912, but how many of these Schmidts did you know?

Garfield Township country school, Kossuth County, Iowa

Back 2 Rows (L-R): Unknown, Michael Schmidt, Unknown, Nathan Banwart, Mary Rabe, Mike Thill, Elizabeth (Schmidt) Anliker, Unknown, Lena Banwart, Silas Banwart, Henry Schmidt Jr., Martin Bonstetter, Unknown, and the teacher Alex Purdell

Front Row (L-R): Conrad “Dick” Schmidt, George Bonstetter, Unknown, Harold Bonstetter, a visitor Ben Banwart, Elizabeth Banwart, Martha Van Loh, Marie Schmidt, Louisa Banwart

((Judging by the portraits of President William Taft on the right and Vice President James Sherman on the left, this photo was taken between 1909-1913. Judging by the apparent ages of the kids in these photos, compared to their birth years, best guess is 1912.))

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