Help Fund the Reunion for a Few Bucks a Month

If you want to support the reunion but just don’t have a lot of money lying around right now, we hear you. When you go to the payment portion of the RSVP form, and you click on the “Pay Family Contribution” online button, we now have a new option for you.

Rather than making your whole family contribution right now, you can spread your family contribution across the 16 months between now and the reunion.

For instance, let’s pretend you’re a family of 4: You may want to donate $20 for you, $20 for your spouse, and $5 for each of your two young children–$50 total. Rather than pay a whole $50 right now, you can divide that $50 by 16, which comes out to approximately $3.13. When you go to make your family contribution, you can make it for $3.13 and click the “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” checkbox, and it will charge $3.13 every month, for each of the 16 months between now and the reunion.

At this rate, you’re helping to fund the world’s largest family reunion, for less than the cost buying one Starbucks beverage a month.

Split Contribution into Monthly Recurring Payments

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