Thank You to Kathie Harris!

THANK YOU to our cousin Kathie Harris of Belgrade, MN for her generous donation to the 2016 Schmidt Family Reunion fund! Join Kathie and make history.   Kathie is the daughter of Arline Lindstrand, granddaughter of Henry Schmidt Jr., great granddaughter of Henry Schmidt Sr., 2xgreat granddaughter of Conrad Schmidt, 3xgreat granddaughter of Dietrich Schmidt […]

Minnesota Cousins Visit Machtlos

Our cousins, Tajie Harris, Kathie Harris (Tajie’s mother), and Linda Swalin are on vacation in Germany this week and toured our ancestral hometown of Machtlos! Kathie and Linda are the daughters of Arline Lindstrand, granddaughters of Henry Schmidt Jr., great granddaughters of Henry Schmidt Sr., 2xgreat granddaughters of Conrad Schmidt, 3xgreat granddaughters of Dietrich Schmidt […]