Thanks to Tom & Brenda Jergens!

THANK YOU to our cousin Tom Jergens, and his wife, Brenda, of Malta, IL, for their generous donation to the 2016 Schmidt Family Reunion fund! Join Tom & Brenda and make history.   Thomas is the son of Gerald “Jerry” Jergens, grandson of George Jergens, great grandson of Anna (Schmidt) Jergens, 2xgreat grandson of Conrad […]

Thanks to Irene Frederiksen!

THANK YOU to our cousin Irene Frederiksen of West Bend, IA, for her generous donation to the 2016 Schmidt Family Reunion fund! Join Irene and make history. Irene is the daughter of Howard Jergens, grandaughter of Anna (Schmidt) Jergens, great grandaughter of Conrad Schmidt, 2xgreat grandaughter of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 3xgreat grandaughter of Friedrich Schmidt, 4xgreat grandaughter of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 5xgreat grandaughter of Johannes Schmidt Sr., […]

Thanks to Richard & Darlene Jergens!

THANK YOU to our cousin Richard “Putter” Jergens, and his wife, Darlene, of Gilmore City, IA, for their generous donation to the 2016 Schmidt Family Reunion fund! Join Putter and Darlene and make history.   Richard is the son of Howard Jergens, grandson of Anna (Schmidt) Jergens, great grandson of Conrad Schmidt, 2xgreat grandson of […]

Martha (Lindemann) Schmidt and her Grandchildren (1913)

(Click the image to enlarge) Thank you to our cousin Sandra (Schmidt) Banwart of Algona, Iowa for this terrific photograph of Martha Elisabeth (Lindemann) Schmidt (1837-1923) (the wife of Conrad Jacob Schmidt, one of the original Schmidt immigrants to the West Bend, Iowa area) and twenty nine of her grandchildren! This picture was taken in […]

Incredible Family Photos from Denise Lindemann

These incredible Schmidt family photos (and photos from the Lindemann, Jergens, and Van Loh branches of the family) were contributed this week by cousin Denise Lindemann! Check them out! Denise is the daughter of Marvin Lindemann, granddaughter of Carl Lindemann, great granddaughter of Lizzie (Schmidt) Lindemann, 2xgreat granddaughter of Conrad Schmidt, 3xgreat granddaughter of Dietrich […]