A Note on Scooters/Wheelchairs

Motorized WheelchairIf you or a family member anticipate needing a wheelchair or a scooter to get around the reunion, we suggest contacting Hometown Mobility Iowa, either through their website (http://htmia.com/) or over the phone (1-877-928-5388). Hometown Mobility is based out of Merrill, Iowa, which is just an hour southwest of Spencer. You can either pick one up at their location in Merrill and take it with you to the reunion, or you can contact them and have them deliver it to the Clay County Events Center in Spencer, Iowa for a reasonable fee.

If you’d like, you can request that Hometown Mobility drop your scooter or wheelchair off at the Events Center lobby any time between 8 am – 5 pm on Friday 7/29, and a sign with your name will be placed on your scooter/wheelchair to reserve it for you until Saturday 7/30.

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