“The Schmidtish Are Coming!” | Spencer Daily Reporter

Official Schmidt Family Crest (High Definition)The Spencer Daily Reporter has a fun article on our upcoming July 30-31 mega-reunion! Check it out and share!

The Schmidtish are coming! The Schmidtish are coming! July 30 and 31, the Clay County Fairgrounds will be home to the Schmidt Family Reunion. Josiah Schmidt, a professional genealogist and president of the reunion committee, was first inspired to organize the reunion after researching his own family tree.

“As I fleshed out our Schmidt family tree and connected more and more branches, my dad suggested holding an ‘all call’ family reunion for all the descendants of Hans Schmidt and Barbara (Rimbach) Schmidt,” Schmidt said.

Interest grew quickly as Schmidt began to invite family.

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(Correction: The article states that the Cousin Count will take place in the Grandstand, whereas the location of the Cousin Count on July 30th has been changed to the Events Center Arena. This article also states that cousins must bring copies of birth/marriage certificates, however birth/marriage certificates will no longer be required. Photo ID will suffice.)

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