Can You Help?

Sports EquipmentAt the record-breaking Schmidt Family Reunion, we will provide a lot of fun for all attendees! Authentic German food, live German music, fascinating presentations and performances, a craft & vendor market, free German language classes, and more.

We are seeking even more entertainment (especially for the kiddos), and you might be able to help!

If you can bring any of the following (to lend temporarily to the reunion), or if you have any other ideas for games/activities, please contact us:

  • Sports balls, nets, equipment with which to have sports tournaments
  • Buckets of bubble soap and utensils to make bubbles with
  • Large, sanded wooden 4x4s with which to play Giant Jenga
  • Corn “sand” box for kids to play in
  • Miniature golf and/or croquet
  • Card tables on which to play card games
  • Ring toss
  • Outdoor bowling
  • Giant Ker-Plunk
  • Bean bag toss
  • …or any other ideas you think the family might enjoy!

Please contact us today if you can help by bringing any of these games or activities!

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