Get “Damsel In Defense” Gear at the Reunion Market

Damsel in Defense logoSheryl Watkins of Estherville, Iowa will be at the 2016 Schmidt Reunion marketplace to vend handy “Damsel In Defense” products!

Shop for safety and personal protection products, including: stun guns, pepper sprays, alarms, security-on-the-go items, items for jump-starting dead batteries, and concealed “KARI” purses. Products offered are all non-lethal. Very affordable ($5-$80 range). Flashlights have a seat belt cutter and window glass breaker built in. Stun guns come in several colors to match your outfits if wanted. Great deterrent of would-be attackers. Pepper sprays also have UV dye, 18% OC, and can spray up to 16-21 ft.

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