Katie (Krug) Schmidt’s Dutch Pickles Recipe (Circa 1919)

Dutch Pickles Recipe

This Schmidt Family pickle recipe dates back to the year 1919 and comes from the recipe collection of Kathryn “Katie” (Krug) Schmidt (1900-1991), the wife of Charlie Schmidt (1893-1982), of West Bend, Iowa. Be sure to submit a recipe or two from your branch of the Schmidt Family! Click here to add.

Katie was the wife of Charlie Schmidt, daughter-in-law of Karl Schmidt, granddaughter-in-law of Dietrich Schmidt Jr., great-granddaughter-in-law of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 2xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Friedrich Schmidt, 3xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 4xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Sr., 5xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 6xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Hans Schmidt.

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