Raubs of Dysart, Iowa are Part Schmidt

Franz "Frank" Raub Franz “Frank” Raub (1849-1920) of Dysart, Iowa

Do you trace your ancestry back to Franz “Frank” Raub (1849-1920) and his wife Louisa (Kersten) Raub (1852-1932), who immigrated from Machtlos, Germany to Dysart, Iowa in 1880? If so, you are invited and especially encouraged to attend the Guinness World Record-breaking Schmidt Family Reunion on July 30-31, 2016!

Franz Raub was the son of Johannes Raub (1822-1886) and Amalia Karolina Friederike (König) Raub (1821-1901) of Machtlos, Germany. He was a member of the Schmidt clan by virtue of his great great great grandmother, Anna (Schmidt) Raub (1690-1735) of Machtlos.

Franz married his wife, Louisa Kersten, in Machtlos in December of 1876. They went on to have 9 children:

  1. Adam Raub (1877-1957), who married Elizabeth Wetzstein and had at least four children: Lois, LaVanche, Frank, and Pauline.
  2. Johann George Raub (1879-1879)
  3. Caroline “Lena” Raub (1881-1979), who married Frederick Bohms and had at least six children: Gladys, Frank, Nina, Leona, Irena, and Alfred.
  4. Martha Raub (1882-1956), who married Clifford Hoard and had at least five children: Kermit, Louise, Winona, Ione, and Dorothy.
  5. Reinhart “Hart” Raub (1884-1970), who married May “Minnie” Robb and had at least one child: Elva.
  6. Sophia Raub (1886-1967), who married Guy Robb and had at least five children: Berniece, Leonard, Merle, Margaret, and Carroll.
  7. Amelia Raub (1888-1974), who married William Schafer and had at least one child: Thelma.
  8. Alfred Raub (1892-1955), who married Anna Rehmke and had at least one child: Dorothy.
  9. William Raub (1894-1970), who married Bessie Schafer and had at least five children: Earl, Richard, Theone, Merland, and Melvin.

If you recognize your parent, grandparent, or great grandparent in any of these names, please consider coming to the reunion, and tell your siblings and cousins about it! It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet long lost family, learn about your German roots, enjoy authentic German food and music, and–of course–get into the Guinness World Record book!


One thought on “Raubs of Dysart, Iowa are Part Schmidt

  1. I am the son of Merlin Raub (Marvyle) who was the son of William and Bessie Raub.
    I married Melody Brooks in 1972. We have two children Adam Raub of Mt Pleasant Ia. and Allison Lair of New London ia.
    Please keep me posted on the reunion

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