RSVP by June 1 and Get E-Book “Karl Crosses the Atlantic”

RSVP & get free eBook of Karl Crosses the Atlantic

If you haven’t filled out the RSVP form for the 2016 Schmidt Family Reunion yet, now is the time to do it! Submit your form by June 1, 2015 (28 days from now), and you will receive an eBook version of Josiah Schmidt’s richly illustrated children’s book, “Karl Crosses the Atlantic”!

Karl Crosses the Atlantic front cover

“Karl Crosses the Atlantic” tells the riveting tale of Georg Karl Schmidt, the first of the West Bend Schmidts to come to America in 1881. The story spans from his childhood in Germany, to his immigration to America, to finding love and losing family, to settling in West Bend, Iowa, where he would produce hundreds of descendants.

Need a physical copy of the paperback “Karl Crosses the Altantic”? Click here!

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