Cousin Kaylee Long’s Family History School Presentation: A+!

Hey family! Check out this amazing presentation that our cousin Kaylee Long did for school. It displays our family history.

Kaylee Long's Schmidt presentationClick image to enlarge

Kaylee’s great great great grandpa Conrad Jacob Schmidt was born in Machtlos, Germany. He and his wife, Martha, married and moved to a bigger city called Essen. There, they had a son (Kaylee’s great great grandpa), Herman Schmidt. A few years later, the whole family took a ship to America, where they settled in Iowa and Herman became a barber. Herman’s son (Kaylee’s great grandpa), Delmar Schmidt, moved out to Washington state, where he worked for Boeing and later for the railroad.

If the picture is too small for you to read, here is what Kaylee’s presentation says:

  • Interesting Fact #1: Germany is located in Central Europe.

  • Interesting Fact #2: My family comes from Essen, Germany. Essen means ‘eat’ in English.

  • Interesting Fact #3: Essen, Germany is close to the Netherlands and the Rhine River runs through it.

  • Interesting Fact #4: The countries that border Germany are the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Denmark.

  • Interesting Fact #5: Germany has two seas, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

  • Interesting Fact #6: I am 50% German.

  • Ich bin stolz auf meine deutschen Erbes. I’m proud of my German heritage.

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